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Ezi Solution

Kielder Connections
for supply of cost effective software and consultancy
June 2016
Ezi Solution POS software launched.

  Kielder Connections Ltd

KCL have supplied services to many large computer service companies including IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard and Accenture. We have in depth experience of systems running UNIX, Linux and Windows. We have supported many applications for customers that are based on Oracle.

KCL has established an international network of resellers to distribute and support software from  Ezi Solution Systems. There are thousands of customers (UK and international) who use Ezi Accounting or Retail Man POS software.

Kielder Connections Ltd is registered in England, company number 2885938.

Company history

1994 - Kielder Connections Ltd was founded by Graham Morris
1999 - WebLocate directory started and WebLocate Design
2002 - Metatune started for promotion of web sites
2002 - Kielder Multilingual Media formed for translation services
2003 - Kielder Multilingual Media absorbed into Comms Multilingual Ltd
2003 - Start of Marketing and support for Ezi Solution software
2004 - Creation of AdMax business directory for UK and Ireland
2015 - Rebranding to Ezi Solution Systems
2016 - Launch of Ezi Solution POS

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