Multilingual Audiovisual Production + Voice-overs

Are you looking to globalise your business?

Do you already deal with customers in other countries?

Are you looking to provide access to your information for all communities in the UK, no matter what their native language?

If so, then Kielder Multilingual Media has the expertise to produce the high-quality material that you require, no matter what the language.  Our experts can deal with all the issues involved with translating content into other languages, including any re-sizing required where translated text is longer than the original.  We are skilled in dealing with the right-to-left languages like Arabic.  We have proven experience of converting websites into languages with different scripts like Japanese and Gujarati.

Are you looking to provide your e-learning and training materials in other languages?  Do you have a promotional video that needs to be adapted for use in other countries?

KMM can supply material on CD-ROM, on video or in an online version.  We can arrange production studio facilities and provide native speaker voice-over artistes to produce a professional product.

We look forward to working with you in helping with production of multilingual audiovisual materials.  Please see information on other services provided by Kielder Multilingual Media.

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