Sample Customers of Meta Tune Promotional Services 

Meta Tune promotional work has been undertaken for web sites developed by and other companies.  Below are some links to sample sites with some background information.  

Please contact Meta Tune if you would like your web site to be promoted, to raise the profile and increase the number of visitors.

Water-loo Bathrooms have had a web site for several years, but the number of visitors had fallen away.    Meta Tune prepared optimised meta-tags for the web site, which increased the number of hits.  Meta Tune advised on changes to the website structure and content to further increase the number of visitors to the web site.
Double Check Security Ltd had a professionally produced web site, but without any listings on search engines.  The web site was optimised and promoted by Meta Tune to gain prominent listings on search engines.
Natural Skin Care Group is a new business that markets treatment for Psoriasis + other skin conditions.  The meta-tags for the site were optimised by Meta Tune, and the site submitted to search engines. Pay-per-click sites were created to launch the business.
CM-Logic Ltd  has had a web site for some time for their software configuration management business, but the level of traffic has been disappointing.  Meta Tune prepared meta-tags for each page on the web site.  Pay-per-click campaigns were then created to attract users to the web site in the USA and UK.
OKNA Cleaning Solutions Ltd  invited Meta Tune to re-vamp their web site.  This included making the web site more search engine friendly, preparing meta-tags and updating the content.
Lets In London are a new business that need help to use their web site to attract customers.  Meta Tune prepared meta-tags for each page of the web site, then created and managed Google Adwords campaigns.
The Eve Club and Number 3 Bar are exclusive venues in Mayfair, London W1.  Meta Tune prepared meta-tags for each page of the web sites, then created and managed campaigns on Overture and Google Adwords.

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